Creating a gorgeous look for your wedding doesn’t have to mean going over budget. These alstroemeria flowers from Blooms by the Box offer an affordable alternative to getting your flowers through a traditional florist. You’ll pay wholesale prices for alstroemeria in the color of your choice by the box, bunch or stem, allowing you to customize the final look of your wedding or other special event with just a touch of DIY magic.

Brides and wedding planners alike love alstroemeria because it has the same delicate and eye-catching look of lilies along with a long vase life of 7-12 days. This flower also comes in a number of color varieties, so it’s easy to match to a wedding or party held in any season. And when you order from Blooms by the Box, we cut your flowers and ship them overnight to ensure the optimal freshness for your big event. Pick from these alstroemeria options to create beautiful and lush DIY floral arrangements.

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Our alstroemeria color selection includes lavender, orange, pink, red, white and yellow. With such a range of hues, we make it easy to create year-round centerpieces, bouquets and other types of arrangements that capture the season and different themes.

Just like so many other flowers, the alstroemeria carries with it lots of symbolism and meaning, including devotion and mutual support between family and friends, friendship and following your dreams and achieving your goals. Its association with devotion makes it a popular choice for weddings and anniversaries. Whether you use this flower for its beauty or meaning, it will make a lovely addition to any celebratory event. Did you know that this flower is named in honor of Baron Claus von Alstromer, the man who discovered it? Von Alstromer was a Swedish baron who collected the seeds while on a trip in Spain in 1753. Once he returned home, he spent time growing it in different conditions and studying the best cultivation techniques.

Taking care of this durable flower is easy; it tends to drink lots of water, so be sure to keep an eye on the water level. Also be sure to add floral food with each water change. 

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