What could be more delicate and whimsical than baby’s breath? There’s a reason that gypsophila has long been a favorite at weddings and other special events, but it’s more on-trend than ever before thanks to the popular boho style. When you shop at Blooms by the Box, you can get this best-selling wedding flower for a great wholesale price and in bulk quantities. Best of all, it can be shipped the same day to arrive at your door tomorrow so you can work your DIY magic.

There’s no limit to all the amazing things you can do with wholesale gypsophila. It makes the perfect flower crowns for bridesmaids and flower girls, and it adds an ethereal look to bouquets and centerpieces. Brides often use it in their hair as a lovely, natural accent. Baby’s breath also works for a number of other events, particularly those held in the spring and summer. Get the very best prices on gypsophila in bulk by shopping at Blooms by the Box.  

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How Much Baby's Breath Do I Need?

10 Ways to Use Baby's Breath

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How to Care for Baby’s Breath  

Fill your vase with at least 4 inches of water. Add flower preservative if desired. Pull off any foliage below the waterline to avoid decomposition that leads to cloudy and foul-smelling water. Cut the ends underwater on the diagonal to encourage rehydration. Keep them out of direct sunlight. Baby’s breath dries nicely.

Baby’s Breath Meaning

Baby’s breath, or the flowers of the Gypsophila genus, are so named because unlike most plants, they thrive in soil high in gypsum. For their ability to flourish in a difficult environment, they represent everlasting love, whether it be familial, romantic or platonic. They are a symbol of purity, the Christian faith’s Holy Spirit, newborn babies and self-discipline. They are meant to connect long-lost family members and lovers.

Types of Baby’s Breath

There are many types of baby’s breath, but the color white is most popular because it can be dyed. Wild gypsophila comes in several different tints. Pink is great for celebrating births and affection and butter yellow looks lovely in a wedding bouquet.

Our Million Star gypsophila is a popular filler featuring hundreds of tight blooms in a bunch. Overtime gypsophila has slightly larger blooms and is a bit frilly and romantic. Xlence gypsophila is a newer varietal and, indeed, an excellent little bunch of flowers with heartier blooms that last longer. 

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