Are you imagining a flower color that doesn’t quite exist in nature? Create the exact color of flowers you want for your special occasion with these high-quality floral sprays. A flower color spray produces a very fine mist for a smooth application. You can also layer color or use easy techniques to create color infused patinas and other artistic effects. This floral color spray is extremely versatile, fast drying and delicate for fresh flower yet durable enough for other kinds of surfaces.

For larger flower coloring projects, consider using a floral dye. The “dip and rinse” dyeing method helps to make coloring large flower quantities a breeze. Unable to find the color you’re looking for? Mix dye colors to create the perfect shade for your flowers!

Choose from a variety of vibrant colors and realize your creative vision with these floral sprays and dyes for flower arrangements. is your premiere source for fresh flowers and floral accessories at low wholesale prices. Call us with your floral arranging questions. For more than 20 years, we’ve served DIY customers and professional florists with exceptional quality, a great selection and personalized service. 

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