Are you looking to get some dramatic florals for your wedding without paying sky-high florist prices? If so, you should buy freesia flowers at wholesale prices from Blooms by the Box. Our selection of freesia flower colors ensures that any bride or event planner can find something that fits their preferred color scheme. Meanwhile, the affordable prices make it possible to stock up on bulk freesia flowers without breaking the bank.

Freesia wedding flowers are undeniably on-trend thanks to their delicate and dynamic look. The unique horizontal blooms add incredible volume and texture to any bouquet, centerpiece or altar arrangement. Meanwhile, the elegant shape brings a soft, romantic feel to the venue. You can’t go wrong with freesia, especially when you order from Blooms by the Box. Pick your perfect freesia flowers to get same-day shipping so you can add a DIY touch to these naturally gorgeous blooms.

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How to Care for Freesia

Freesia is a delicate flower with several blooms growing on a single stem, so handle with care. Cut the stems underwater at an angle to facilitate rehydration. Fill a vase with 4 inches of lukewarm water and prepare the flower food packet as directed. Keep out of direct sunlight. Visit our care page for more information.

Popular Freesia Colors

Warm up your bouquet with our stunning orange freesia, the color of an laid-back sunset. Our red is deep and vibrant like the shade of your favorite lipstick. Delicate purple calls to mind an early spring crocus. Yellow is bursting with sunshine and cheer, while our white freesia embodies what it means to be elegant.

Freesia Meaning

Freesia symbolizes innocence, thoughtfulness, trust and friendship. This sweet flower encourages meaningful bonds between people, which make them popular for wedding bouquets and arrangements. Their citrus scent doesn’t overpower even in a boutonniere.

Types of Freesia

Freesia flowers are delicate, gorgeous and incredibly trendy. They add a great dynamic element to any arrangement. Depending on the flower, you’ll find about seven blooms growing on a horizontal stem. Freesia started out white and yellow, but cultivation has brought us several different colors. There are 20 different species in the freesia genus and are native to South Africa. 

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