Looking for an alternative to roses that will help your event to stand out? Consider lisianthus flowers, which are available at wholesale prices when you shop at Blooms by the Box. These lovely flowers have soft, open petals reminiscent of classic roses. They look luxurious and elegant while also adding texture and volume to your floral arrangements. And since you’re able to order them by the stem, bunch or box, it’s easy to get exactly the quantity you need for all your DIY floral projects.

Brides and event planners love that, in addition to their classic, elegant looks, lisianthus flowers also come in a range of beautiful colors that work well for weddings and other special occasions. At Blooms by the Box, you’ll find stunning options like peach, pink, purple, cream and white lisianthus available at affordable wholesale prices and ready to be shipped to your door the next day.

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Also known as Texas Bluebells, Prairie Gentian or Lira de San Pedro, lisianthus dates as far back as the Victorian era. The lisianthus flower is filled with a variety of special meanings, including appreciation, admiration, gratefulness and charisma. It also represents old-fashioned values, calming thoughts and congeniality. With so many lovely sentiments attached to this bloom, it’s no wonder it’s one of our most popular flowers! There are many ways to incorporate lisianthus into your special day; they look breathtaking when paired with peonies, roses and hydrangeas, yet they also make for a mesmerizing display when grouped alone.

To ensure your lisianthus blooms look their best for the big day, take care to follow these steps: Cut the stems on an angle (underwater to rehydrate them) and place them in water with floral food for nourishment. Store them in a cool area away from direct sunlight and drafts until they’re ready for your event. 

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