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Like scintillating fine diamonds, luster wedding flowers are dazzling and sophisticated. They’re the perfect blend of classic meets modern chic. Our luster assortment consists of a soft palette of white, cream, blush pink and soft greens for a serene effect. Arrange romantic bouquets, centerpieces and ceremony florals with your choice of spray roses, tulips, orchids, lilies, hydrangea, white spider chrysanthemum and many other popular blooms.

Depending on your personal preference, group together a cluster of the same flowers such as white tulips or white freesia or create an eclectic mix of whites using white orchid dendrobiums, hydrangeas and roses. When arranging your luster wedding flowers, consider using mirrored glass, metallic gold and silver metal vases and containers to complement your feminine flowers beautifully.

Timeless and elegant, luster wedding flowers work for casual and formal weddings and events, and thanks to the soft hues, they blend in seamlessly with any decor. 

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