If your idea of the perfect wedding venue consists of a barn, hay bales, metal lanterns and outdoor star gazing, then rustic flowers are the blooms for your big day. Browse any party blog or craft magazine and you’ll quickly discover that rustic-themed weddings and parties have been trending for some time and show no signs of slowing down. Our collection of rustic flowers embodies the whimsical, free-spirited mood of the day. Browse matsumoto asters, larkspur, sunflowers, astilbes, celosia and other rustic florals.

The best part about arranging rustic flower bouquets, ceremonial pieces and table centerpieces is that the less perfect they are the better! Grouping together a variety of different flowers in a kaleidoscope of colors is reminiscent of a field of wildflowers. Minimalists will find the beauty and simplicity of baby’s breath to be just the right touch for their casual wedding, while those who adore color will gravitate to the rustic favorite, sunflowers.

When it comes to the containers, you can put rustic flowers in just about anything—glass jars, birch vases, galvanized buckets, woodland platers, hanging baskets and more. 

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